Saturday, March 28, 2009

The weekend that saved my head from exploding

So the week was fine, or at least, I managed to keep the work stuff in the you-can't-get-to-me part of my head for four days. Then Friday came.

I'm not going to go into it too much, because I am not going to rehash it. The day was tense and stressful, for many reasons. It ended with a very unpleasant meeting which left me feeling devalued and bled dry. After that, I packed up and left the office at lightning speed.

After some angry tears on the ride home (why must I be one of those people who cries when I am frustrated?), I made up my mind that I was NOT carrying this day into the weekend with me. There is only so much of me that I will allow to be sucked up by my work, no matter what the corporate culture might be. I picked Lou up from school and headed right home. Then I did something I have never done before.

I changed my clothes and immediately got on the treadmill. I went for about 1/2 hour. I even ran.

It was the best thing I could possibly have done.

It had occurred to me as I stewed on my drive over the bridge that my usual responses to stress are maybe not the most healthy. I knew that exercise would absolutely be better for me than eating, or having a drink. This sounds so trite, and so scripted, as I write it...but truth is truth. It's not at all my usual response to the miscellaneous crap we all deal with day to day.

After that, I felt lighter. Euphoric, even. It wasn't until much later, maybe 9:30 or so, when I finally felt like talking to Pete about it. And I felt better, as though I have solutions, afterward, not powerless like I usually do where these things are concerned.

Now if someone could just give me a good way to get rid of a Blackberry......


Sri said...

Sorry to hear your day was so bad, but it's great that you found the perfect solution to work it out of your system.
Call anytime, and visit anytime. We would love to see you and get your mind off frustrating things.
Any weekend you want Omar and I to get up there, we can.
Happy Sunday!

Lori said...

Thank you....and I would love to see you and Omar SOON. :)
As for work, well, I can only control my own reaction to things, and that is enough right now, I think.

Anonymous said...

Man oh man!!! I think that maybe you and Pat should go on vaca together....miss you guys! I'll call you this week to discuss which weekend in May is best for all of ya ...ang

Lori said...

Could you imagine me and Pat on vacation? Pete said he pictures sunglasses, deck chairs, and hats....crossword puzzles...."Ya wanna get up?" "Nah." "Who can we convince to bring us food?"
Yeah, we'll definitely talk this week! :)

Anonymous said...

HaHa...too funny!!!! I was seeing the two of you in almost the same way only there were two work cell phones floating away in the ocean...ang