Wednesday, June 10, 2009

5 quick good things

1. Finally, some rain. My plants are happy.
2. Lunch with Mo today!
3. A peaceful morning with no rushing around.
4. A good bottle of Malbec with my name on it (for later, of course)....
5. A quiet few nights, and then camping this weekend!!


Sri said...

Where are you guys going camping?
Me want some Malbec too.
I'm the queen of no rushing around, when wee men lets me.
I'm having lunch with Diana today! Happy lunching.
Rain glorious rain...but not for long please :-)

All your 5 good things are great.

Lori said...

We are going out to Greenville NH- the jeep club has some land they can use there, so we'll be wheeling and tenting it. Good times.
I hope you had a good lunch....I did. :)
And I agree about the rain, I think it can stop tomorrow if it would!