Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Last Days of Teeball

In typical slacker-parent fashion, we opted out of the last practice this week (eh, it was at 5 instead of the usual 6 pm, and honestly we are still at work/leaving work at that point!). Pete had a commitment he couldn't get out of, so it was just me for the last game on Saturday. It was mercifully not at 8:00.

Sitting the bench, signing cards for Coach
Coach and Ella (his daughter). "Don't tell me how to hold the bat, DAD!"
That's better.
Run, Charlotte, run! And she did.
Fielding. Approximately 90 seconds later, she insisted on visiting the porta-potties.
Game called on account of everyone-is-hot-and-tired. Or something. Team photo!
And a trophy.
Whatever shall we do with our Saturday mornings now? In the fall there will be dance lessons or yoga....but for now I think we will power down into summer mode. I see a chair under the maple and many cups of coffee with my name on if only the sun would come out!

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