Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Yet more good things

Lunch with Mo was the high point of my 8:30-5:00 for sure. It's always nice to get away for an hour in the middle of the madness, and return to my real life. Mo's good; no matter what else changes, we are always always friends and I am grateful for that.

And some comfort food tonight. It's not much- frozen meatballs and Mr. Newman's sauce, but it was just right:

AND.....the aforementioned Malbec. Layer Cake, from Mendoza. I love this wine. I want to move to Argentina.
I am proud of myself today, because I've been able to form a wall between me and Things that Could Stress Me Out at Work. Boss called in sick? No sweat. Three very large deadlines that sprung up from nowhere? I'm on it. Regional VP crashing the Wednesday meeting? Who, her? Whatevs. It's necessary, and to be honest in some crazy way I think I do better work because of it. Must remember that.

Charlotte and I were talking about dance lessons tonight. I asked if she wanted to take them, she said yes. We talked about different types of dance, including what classes I took as a kid. I had to try to explain jazz dance vs. jazz music....which then made me think of this kid in my jazz classes, Stephen J.

He was the best flipping dancer in our class, hands down. I remember Ms. Sheila playing "You Dropped the Bomb" or something by Earth, Wind and Fire....and while I'm watching everyone else's feet, he just goes for it. Damn.

Pete asked, "Where is he now?" I don't know, but wherever he is, I hope he's still dancing.

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