Monday, June 22, 2009

Fun stuff

Because it's Monday, and I am unmotivated as far as getting to work is are pictures. Last weekend we went out to Greenville NH to ride some trails in the woods and camp.

Charlotte got to play with her friend Brooke. Mostly, they enjoyed the large mud puddles surrounding us.

It turned out that when the ice storm tore through here in December of last year, it did some significant damage to the trees. So there was a bit of trail cleanup that had to happen over the course of the day.

Unbroken treetops

A little hole, hidden away. We thought it might be a fairy house.

Once we made it back to camp, there were snacks, a campfire and trash can turkey. Everyone brought something to share, so we ended up with turkey, canberry, corn on the cob, pork tenderloin.....I did not take pictures of any of this, because I was too busy eating!

The rain began around the time I was getting Lou ready for bed. I was reading her stories and could hear it falling harder, so I popped out to brush my teeth and refill my water. Good thing too, because by the time she was ready to settle down it was pouring. There was crazy thunder that shook the earth....but she slept through it. Amazing.

We ended up packing it in the next day, early....I would have been game to stick around, but the bag with our clothes was in the low corner of the tent and Lou and I had our last dry stuff on our bodies. I'm looking forward to camping again soon, maybe in a place with facilities?

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