Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ah, Saturday

This has been a good morning so far- coffee, sun, almost finishing a knitting project, and some one-handed cleaning. It's fairly difficult to change the sheets on a king-sized bed with only one hand....I don't recommend it. Then again, I also don't recommend rendering yourself one-handed in the first place.

The finger still hurts, and I haven't undone the bandage yet. Later on I will. I'm annoyed now that I won't be able to jump in the ocean this weekend without the assistance of Ziploc. Oh well.

Pete's outside filling up the kiddie pool, and I am thinking I might need a grocery list and a shower. I need to make a phone call or two....maybe hit the library to pay my overdue fines and renew a few books.....and possibly finish my Juliet sweater....all good things.

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