Tuesday, July 14, 2009


It gets late so fast these days. Maybe it's because sometimes I don't get home as early as I'd like; maybe it's because there's so much that I want to do that I can't possibly fit it all into one evening. Maybe the contents of my head right now are much like the stuff in the bottom of my purse: jumbled, sandy, only somewhat useful and difficult to sort.

I got in around quarter to eight tonight, which is about par for a Tuesday in Salem. It was largely a frustrating day for many minor (and boring) reasons, but a co-worker said something so funny I damn near fell out of my chair. "That's it," I said. "You just made coming to work today worthwhile, and now I'm gonna leave and go home before anything else can happen." And I did.

Low-key night here- Days with Frog and Toad for Lou before bed, leafing through a magazine while watching a couple of episodes of Season 2 of Dexter with Pete. I finished the sweater on Monday, short of weaving in a few ends and blocking, but have had no inclination to do the finish work (surprise, surprise). I've been hesitant to go back to my other project since at night I leave my finger uncovered and the damn stitches might get stuck in the yarn. Even now, I am typing this with 9 fingers. Redonkulous typos. So annoying.

But now, in the odd quiet of this late hour, my eyes and neck burn but my mind is still awake. Writing a to-do list might empty my head, or not. TV generally doesn't help- I tend to find myself asleep on the couch at an even more insane hour, and all twisted up.

Here are some random things:

1. I have pictures from this weekend. I'll post them tomorrow.
2. Thursday our friends the Costellos are having a cookout. I am excited because it's a Thursday night event and I don't have to miss it for working late.
3. I'm also excited to bring homemade ice cream sandwiches (Pete promised Amy I would).
4. Thursday I am also picking up my new mouthguard. I'm happy about this too, even though they probably won't allow me to barter knitted goods or photos of my garden for it.
5. Only 8.5 more work days till vacation.
6. We still need to reserve a campsite.
7. Charlotte had me write "squiggly lines" on her doodle pad. From here it looks like it says "Squiggy lives."
8. It seems like every 8 to 9 years I do something that results in the need for a tetanus shot.

I think I'm babbling. It could be bedtime......

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