Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Weekend pictures

We took the kids to the Portland Sea Dogs game on Sunday afternoon, which was lots of fun. I was surprised that they lasted as long as they did- we actually ended up staying into the 8th inning, which was way after the snacks ran out.

Charlotte with a tiny Slugger (the mascot). She looks like she's concentrating on the game but really it's because we forgot her hat.
Lily, Ella and April

Only in Maine....inflatable Bean boot.
Pat, Pete and the kids. Emma has Pat's sunglasses.
Ken and Luke
The girls
Go Sea Dogs! Emma, Lou, Lily and Ella
Aw, family.
Pat and Em
And one more, from later that day at the house. Cuteness.

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Anonymous said...

Look at how big my beautiful girls are! Time goes by so quickly!