Friday, July 10, 2009

The good, the bad and the bloody

This afternoon began a three-day weekend for me (the one I should have had last weekend, ahem), which is so very good. It was a full day of conference calls and reports and chit-chat with work friends over company IM, and I left at 3:30.

Mostly I left early because I visited the fantastic and heaven-sent Dr. Hotz for some adjusting. He is a brilliant, brilliant man and he is not ever allowed to retire. EVER. Good thing he's not much older than me- by the time he stops practicing I will have acquired a bionic spine.

I must also mention that the sun was shining. So between the shiny sun and warm air, the 89 hours away from work (so sad that I counted them) and the post-chiro euphoria, I just couldn't stop smiling. I picked up the Lou and went home....I watered the garden and then chatted with Pete while starting to work on a large gin-and-tonic. Then I started dinner.

Maybe I should begin by saying that a person should have more than one suitably sharp knife in the house, so that a person does not get used to using dull knives. Or maybe I should start by saying that perhaps a person shouldn't be high on the heady smell of basil she grew herself and the promise of three days unchained from the crackberry when using said knife. At least I made it through trimming the green beans, chopping the garlic and tomatoes, and putting everything together before hacking off part of my finger.
And that would be the bad and the bloody. It hurts like a mofo, and bled like crazy. This is part of the reason that the Red Cross calls my house when it's been too long since they've gathered my blood. I've been banned for life from using the Santuko- maybe I should contact a Montessori supply website and look for some knives that might be more on my level.
The salad was amazing though. It's the green bean/white bean/tomato salad with garlic and basil, stolen from That Martha and modified a bit.

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Sri said...

Ya, those sharp knives really bite! I know the feeling.
Hope it's all better.
Call me, sometime.