Wednesday, September 17, 2008

C is for Cookie. F is for Frog.

frog -verb

1. to undo, or rip out, knitted work. Derived from the phrase "rip it, rip it"....which translates to "ribbit, ribbit." Thus, frog.

I got my confirmation on Sunday that the Big Blue Beast must be ripped out. Nothing else to be done, no magic cure-all. Bah. Margot was gracious enough to offer to help me once I undo my seams and un-weave my yarn ends....we'll attach the thing to the ball winder and.....voila. Hundreds of yards of yarn, in neat little yarn cakes. She also had suggestions for the re-knitting. (eep!) I can't think about it yet, so I put the sweater back in its shopping bag and decided to go smaller in scope for a while. Truth is, Juliet (see sidebar) needs to be undone as well....I either need smaller needles or a smaller size, and I am so not ready to face it.

Now where is my sewing machine? I have a project going right now which shouldn't take much longer than a couple of weeks (currently unbloggable due to its secret nature). And October is coming, which means.....the grand re-opening of the Halloween Sweatshop!

Okay, so here's a success: I not only managed to keep my new hydrangea alive through the summer, but we have FLOWERS, people!

Props to my co-gardener, Pete....who did the atrocious weeding that I have neglected to do for about two months. Love that man.

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