Monday, September 01, 2008


A strange thing to use that word in reference to my life outside of work...but this really has been a productive weekend in terms of recovering from my work hangover. First of all....SLEEP. Ah, sleep. I know you never really catch up on lost sleep, but after trying for three days, boy do I feel better.

Friday night I actually cooked for the first time in days and days. It was only honey/mustard/spice glazed pork chops with roasted red potatoes and broccoli, but it felt good to make dinner for my family and to eat together, to be somewhat back to normal. And just to do the normal weekend errands on Saturday was good too, although I was still pretty beat. After I got back from getting my hair cut, Lou and I did the grocery shopping and then spent the better part of the afternoon in the yard. Pete even inflated the pool.

Yesterday we headed out to a barbecue hosted by one of my colleagues, but before that I made breakfast:

Almond butter-banana-peach smoothies and blueberry buttermilk pancakes. Yum.

Today we are headed to Rye to spend our Labor Day with the Warrs. It's funny how we don't necessarily plan these holiday weekend gatherings; we just tend to all be free and get together. This summer has been a runaway train for a number of reasons, so I think it will be good to spend this day relaxing with friends before the madness of the coming week. Once we get through the cursory household tasks of the morning (mowing, laundry), we'll pack the jeep and head off to the beach.

I figure that the pace of my life should slow a bit once September 22 rolls around, due to various work-related stuff. I look forward to drawing a full breath and maybe having a vacation after that. I miss having play, to read, to knit, to write, to daydream.....have I mentioned that no matter how long I work in this industry, I still can't manage to get accustomed to the fact that mid-August to mid-September is a blur?

Hop to it, indeed.

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