Friday, September 12, 2008

In which I am bested, for now, by the Big Blue Beast

Sunday seemed as though there would be completed projects a-plenty. I finally dyed the white linen consignment skirt I bought back in, um, June....and thought, hmmm. I haven't tie-dyed anything in quite a long time. Add two of Lou's stained t-shirts to the dye bath:

No process pics- Pete had the camera with him for Fall Crawl (the big jeep club fall event). I am hoping he will get around to posting them on his blog....

That was fun. While Lou played in the yard, I finally sat down and sewed the seams. And IF I do say so myself, they were beautiful seams. Perfect mattress stitch. Sigh.

After re-reading some of my references on blocking, I made the decision to fully immerse the Beast, which by now is looking incredibly large, for blocking. My thought was that maybe the water would seep into the stitches, and that when the Beast dried they would straighten out and settle together. Right.

I soaked the Beast. I rinsed the Beast. I carefully squeezed the water from the fabric. I carried it downstairs and gently arranged it on a table covered in towels.

And it seemed as though maybe it would be fine. Except.

Except that, despite getting gauge (number of stitches to inch, rows to inch), despite working with needles and yarn and a pattern which I ran by Margot with a thumbs-up, despite careful finishing and blocking, the sweater does not fit me.

It would fit three of me. And the cats. It comes down to my knees. NO LIE.

I have not yet photographed myself in this thing.....but we look something like this, the Beast and I:
Stay tuned for the ugly truth....


Anonymous said...

oh man. if it helps, it's a really pretty sweater. luv ya, ang
p.s. I went onto pete's blog and saw the pics of his fish. Amzing!!

Lori said...

Thank you...I do still love that Beast, and I am still trying to figure out what happens next.
And oh yeah, that was some huge fish....not bad for a guy who fishes maybe 3 or 4 times a year!