Thursday, September 04, 2008

More numbers

Emails in my inbox currently: 100
Hours in the office yesterday: 12
Hours in the office today: 12
Loan disbursements batched: $140,381
Students we should see tonight: 25
Students we will likely see tonight: 10
Days left in the week: 1.5 (it's only 2:00)
Items on my To-Do List: 6 (not including term start)
Bedtime stories I get to read tonight: 0
Years at this company: 10
Recognition for that fact: 0

Pictures I took at the beach Monday and have not yet posted: maybe 20?
Days I will spend with the Lou having girl time ths weekend: 2!

After 4:30 tomorrow, here's what I see in my future (in no particular order):
  • Playing with the Lou
  • Cocktails
  • Visiting with friends
  • Rented movies
  • A trip to the library
  • Cleaning/laundry/groceries
  • SLEEP!!
  • Work on the knitting projects: sewing seams/figuring out the Juliet problems/blocking
  • Maybe blogging (if you're lucky!)

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