Saturday, September 13, 2008

You simply cannot hide from the ugly truth.....

....or, in which I am horrified by the Big Blue Beast but attempt to salvage and all.those.hours.

Okay, the moment. Here we are, my beastie and me.

So. I knit a very nice sweater dress for myself.

My options as far as I can see would be to:

  • Try immersion blocking again, and this time squish all the stitches really really close together. I do not think this will work.
  • Try steam-blocking. I actually prefer steam-blocking, unless I am dealing with something that got dirty while I worked on it or something for a baby (which I like to wash in Dreft before the baby will wear it anyways). I held back with the Beast only because the yarn is 7% angora and 15% nylon and I really didn't want to risk fusing the fibers together. I may try it now.....unless I decide on my final option:
  • Frog the whole damn thing and reclaim the yarn (which is soft and beautiful and a color that is perfect for me) for something else.
It is possible that part of the problem lies in the weight of the yarn once knitted up. Maybe the sweater just doesn't hold up under its own weight?

I am going to bring it to Margot.....she's pretty honest about projects and will tell me if I should just bag the whole thing.

That's an idea! Bag the whole thing.....put it in a bag and forget about it.

I think I may go back to baby stuff and accessories for a bit while I mull this over.
I took this out of the library, and may be inspired to construct some very different scarves.

For now I think I will take today off from knitting and go back to cleaning my 4 hours Pete's coworkers are coming over and there is much to be done! Procrastination over. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Just add some leggings and you should be right in style!! It is pretty though! Susie

Lori said...

Thank you....I only wish it were smaller!

Ella/Molly's Meme said...

Hey Lori!
My mother was a big time knitter and she made a lot of items for herself and for me. She always loved choosing the yarns and sometimes she would knit something, wear it for a while and then take it apart and use the yarn to knit something else. In your case you may want to start over and use a smaller size pattern.
In any case I love that shade of blue so don't give up the sweaterdress.