Wednesday, December 19, 2007

...and the Christmas MEME

Krissy at Speckblog has tagged me, so I've been mulling this over today-

Favorite childhood Christmas gift: I really think it's a toss-up between my beloved Cabbage Patch Kid (her name was Bunny Anastasia) and the tea set I got when I was 7 or 8. The Cabbage (Caggiage as my brother Pat used to say) Patch Kid had light brown curly hair and green eyes. I thought the green eyes were very cool. I'm not sure what this says about me, but this doll is in fantastic condition- for a doll that's 24 years old- and is in my attic, waiting for Lou to be a little bigger. My mom waited in line at something like 5 am the day after Thanksgiving 1983 with her friend Mary Alice to get my doll and one for my friend Meghan (Mary Alice's daughter). You didn't get to choose what you got, and just hoped for one your kid would like, I guess. I think I might have been devastated if Santa did not bring me that doll, and I loved her to pieces. I even used to walk her around the neighborhood in my doll carriage.

As for the tea set....what I love about that is a conversation I had with my dad before Christmas that year. I was looking through the Sears Wish Book, making my list, and I saw a tea set.
Me: Daddy, do you think I'm old enough to handle china?
Dad: The country?

I swear this is true.

Favorite adulthood Christmas gift: The first Christmas that Pete and I were together, we had been living together for 4 months. We had moved away together, and come back. We were temporarily living with Pete's mom, we had no jobs, and had postponed school for a while. Pete gave me a silver ring, just a simple piece of inexpensive jewelry. The back of the band was solid, the front was celtic knots. It wasn't a promise ring per se, but we knew where we were headed. I loved that ring and wore it until I managed to lose it the next summer- he replaced it with another silver ring which I wore on my left hand until he proposed two years later.

He did advise me that I had better not lose my engagement ring, but I think that's only fair under the circumstances.

A gift wish for the future: It's the same wish I always wish, on every star and at every opportunity: I just want to be happy, and for the people I love to be happy and healthy. Really, truly, that's always what I wish for.

If we're looking for something tangible- well, I'd like another healthy baby in the next two years. And an addition on our house that will give us another bedroom or two and a big cozy family room, maybe with a fireplace or wood stove. Ahhh.

I won't tag anyone, but if you're reading and thinking of your own answers, holla back in the comments, ok?

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