Wednesday, December 19, 2007 much cuteness, and a party...

Mama's little beatnik
We went to the annual family Christmas party at my aunt and uncle's house. Always a good time- too much food, cocktails and the din of 30 some-odd people all talking at once and laughing too loud. Love the family.

Kids like to run, around and around....why don't I remember doing that at parties?

Gift time for kids! I remember this being my favorite part of this particular party when I was a kid. I do not, however, remember hiding under the table eating pickles and olives with my cousin Joe, although we did. I think it's absolutely hysterical that one of the 10 foods his two-year old son will eat is olives.


Em and Lou with GiGi!
I am so looking forward to Christmas. This is the first year we'll spend Christmas Day with our extended family on my side since before Lou was born. It's going to be great fun.

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