Saturday, December 01, 2007

Fun with sticks and string

No pictures of actual projects today, more of a round-up.

I am working on another French Market Bag (in different colors than those pictured):

And I have the supplies to start these Fetching mitts for my ownself. I am very excited to learn cables....
I've still got a cotton baby kimono- from Mason-Dixon Knitting- to seam and sew ties into, then another one in off-white to start for a baby coming this winter.

I'm also considering doing some quick children's hats for gifts- most of the kid hat patterns I have take next to no time at all.

So tell I completely insane to be thinking I can pull a set of these off by Christmas?

Bearing in mind that I do still work, and that I can't get away with knitting while I work....perhaps not. I tried to convince one of the women at work (who was wrapped with a fleece blanket while we talked, due to the freezing temperatures in our office) that we could barter work for hand-knitted items. I think people would notice if I started sending a proxy to all my meetings and conference calls, however. Too bad.

It's finally the weekend. It will be a busy one, but all good things. Today I need to make a pie and a taco dip for a holiday party at Pete's boss' house tonight. Lou and I will also be making cookies, since we've got some VIPs coming tomorrow to make some Christmas ornaments....we are very excited to hang out with Aunt Befy, Ella and My Friend Molly. But what to make? gingerbread? sugar cookies? I'm leaning toward the basic sugar cookie....hmm. Perhaps Martha can help. Of course, Martha would just have someone else do the knitting and the baking for her. But that's no fun. Although I would enjoy having someone clean up after I'm done baking.

Off to make messes- er, to create's cold and windy out there today, so I am glad to stay in!


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Barngirl said...

hahaha we are looking forward to our visit today. Molly asks every two minutes if it is time to go to Charlotte's house.
And as you know, if it is a cookie...we will eat it. ;)

Lori said...

That's very odd....I have no idea what any of that means! But we are very excited for your visit too. Off to the grocery store!

Sri said...

Ofcourse you could make those finger thingys by christmas!! You're a genius, my dear.

Krissy said...

Pppppppssssssssst. Those gloves, they 'ave no fingerses!

I'm going to be starting, just as soon as Christmas is over, the knitting of winter hats for everyone for Christmas next year because we's gonna be poor. I'm hoping that someday I can be as good as you!

P.S. - You done been tagged.

Lori said...

It's true, they has no fingerses. But we wants them! Yes we does!
The knitting is good- something I have control over, which I enjoy....with practice, you can knit anything. Hats are great to start since they are small-ish- you get the semi-instant gratification.
Hooray! another knitter!