Thursday, December 27, 2007

And then.....

Tuesday we woke in our house to find that Santa had indeed visited us!

And he ate all our cookies!

And brought another Ugly Doll:

(I find it interesting that, while Lou makes me change every he/his/him that refers to the Baby Jesus to the feminine when we sing songs, Santa is always a man. What does that mean?)

Jingle all the way

I think I may be yawning here, not sure. Ignore my really big mouth, and focus on my really cute kiddo.
Poor Jimmy. He wants a train too. He'll have to ask Uncle Steve.
New hat!
And I was very excited to get....a new iPod!

And it's inscribed...and the inscription made me cry. I also got some crafty books: one about making stuffed friends out of socks and gloves, a knitting book and this one:
Oh.My.God. So funny, so twisted. I want Amy Sedaris to be my friend, and I want to invite her to my birthday party. Hee hee!

I also got a pewter bracelet I have been eyeing for a year....and other things. I am so spoiled. Lucky girl!

Tomorrow: Christmas, part um, quartre?

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