Monday, December 31, 2007

More Christmas pictures

This year we were able to spend Christmas with the Aldens down in MA, for the first time since before Lou was born. I think at one point all 31 of us (33 with Joe and Danette's twins, due in February) were in GiGi's house. Wow!

Lou, the Victorian princess version

The tree and gifts
Christmas elves

Our family

There really is nothing like having everyone all together for Christmas Day. It does not happen as often as I know we'd all like. I think it's great fun to have little kids around again- they get so excited about everything and just have fun tearing around. Lou and Emma ran loops around the house, until we opened Lou's blocks and they set up shop in the living room. Somehow, people just gravitated to the kids, and my grandma remarked that it had been quite a while since she had spent much time in that room. I can remember playing with my Christmas toys on the same carpet (although in the old house in Hopedale)...such a good day.

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