Monday, August 31, 2009

In which things did not go according to plan, but were really great

Initially there was supposed to be wheeling and camping this weekend, an annual event that we had been planning for since maybe February? But that was before the rain, and before an opportunity to catch up with the Nason clan for the first time in a while....and I really felt like the weekend I got was just what I needed.

Okay, first? I slept. I SLEPT! This is huge in light of the previous two weeks. No weird work dreams, no waking up in the middle of the night....just glorious rest. Oh man. I feel like an entirely different person, no kidding. Pete got up with the girl (since he was going out into the woods anyway) and I stayed in bed till he woke me up before he left.

I was able to get some cleaning and laundry done in the morning, and I told Lou that she could choose something fun to do in the afternoon....she turned down having a friend over, the Childrens' Museum and going to a movie in favor of getting a movie and staying at home. Can we make popcorn? Oh yes. We can even have Twizzlers. And TinkerBell was surprisingly pretty good.

She did some crafty stuff too, and we read stories and played cards...all in all a very satisfactory rainy day. I was afraid she might get stir-crazy but she didn't and was thrilled when her daddy came home and kissed her goodnight. Aw.

Sunday we headed out to New Castle to meet up with the the Common. By the water it is just so peaceful, there's the playground for the kids (and seagulls to chase)...perfect.
Molly loves that Little O
Little Nasons (some uh, not so little anymore!)

O Man!

And then off to the Icehouse for yummy ice cream. Ahhh. A great day.

Back to work today, and headlong into the two weeks that are fall start. This week is more purgatory than hell....maybe the second or third circle if you read Dante. Next week is the real deal. It's more than kind of ridiculous that it's like this every year, but I find it's healthier for me to go with the flow. I change the things I can and just roll. That's the plan, anyway. Tomorrow begins three days of orientation (two at each site), Friday is the day of tying up loose ends, and then a holiday weekend! Yeah!


Anonymous said...

The Nason boys are stylin' with those hats esp. the "O Man"!

Barngirl said...

Great pictures from a great day, Lori!

Look forward to seeing you all again this weekend!

Sri said...

I love that picture of Beth and O. They are having a lovely conversation, it seems.
Also, proud of your photo skills, Lori!!

Lori said...

Thank you! I've been taking so many photos this year, and I feel like I'm learning some things here and there. :-D

And I am really looking forward to Sunday too....good times!!