Wednesday, August 05, 2009


So here's kind of what we've been up to. We started vacation by spending a day at Winnisquam with the Youngs and Fleurys:

We all stayed at Dorothy's mom's house Saturday night and then headed home Sunday after coffee and bagels. Pete and I started to get stuff ready to head off to the woods. Fortunately for us, we opted to go "cheater camping" and borrowed a pop-up. Best. Decision. Ever.

We went up to White Lake State Park in Tamworth, which I would absolutely do again. No hookups (we didn't really need them), but they have restrooms and showers (which weren't gross). As soon as we got to our site, it started pouring rain. We got set up, and it cleared up. Then we went swimming. Yay!

Tuesday morning we had a relaxed breakfast (cereal for Lou, scrambled egg sandwiches for me and Pete) and just soaked in the quiet.....watched some chipmunks....and then set off for a little hike.

We saw ducks...

...and frogs...
....and a turtle.
It was supposed to be a 2-mile loop, but became impassable 3/4 of the way around. So it ended up around 3.5 miles, after we doubled back. Lou was a good little hiker, and only complained at the very end. Then there was more swimming!

We headed off to the Kellerhaus for ice cream, since we were only about 1/2 hour away.
It looks exactly the same, which I love.

Then back to camp for dinner and UNO!!
You must play UNO at some point while you camp. Hell, you must play games while on made me think both of camping as a kid and of our trip up to Sackets a few years ago, when Ella was maybe about Charlotte's age, and how she was always so psyched to play games. Good stuff.

I have tons of pictures from Story Land too, but it's getting to be time for sleep soon....

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