Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ten things to be happy about today

  1. I finally bought coffee filters, so I have a decent cup of coffee sitting here with me.The reusable filters only work if they're the right size for your coffeemaker, FYI.
  2. Taking pictures, even crappy self-portraits for my blog.
  3. No hurricanes yet.
  4. The girl is still sleeping. You would realize what a good thing this is had you witnessed the meltdown last night at around 7:30 or so. She was tired and hot.
  5. Yesterday's posts on A Dress A Day. Apparently the commercial pattern archive at URI is open to the public, for free for a week. I'm not that accomplished of a sewist (?) but it's really fun to think about.
  6. Handmade Home is finally out. I am hoping the projects are at my level, and since most of them are meant to be done with children I think I/we can manage. She's actually doing a signing on Sunday but I am not sure I can get up to Portland. Still.
  7. I finally finished the knitting on my Clapotis, which is doubly awesome considering the oppressive heat! [I only really knit in the air-conditioning in the summer.] It's kinda huge, but that's what I wanted. I still need to weave ends in and block it (!) so it could be 2012 by the time I'm ready to wear it. Pete's been angling for his sweater next, so we just need to agree on a pattern.
  8. It's Thursday. Nary a meeting in sight on my horizon. And there may soon be a solution to one of my most aggravating work problems.
  9. I plan to weasel out of Salem at a reasonable time, so I should be home for dinner!
  10. Lunch with Mo and a visit with the chiro tomorrow. Yeah, he's going to shake the finger at me for not enough exercise, but to be honest I deserve it. Lazy girl.

    I was inspired to write this list having read a post this morning about how it's so much easier to complain but that it's "much less stressful to list instead all the things that smooth out the rough edges." I like that- smoothing the rough edges. Psychic sandpaper. Or something. [Thanks, Aunt Purl.]

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