Sunday, March 28, 2010

Adventures and down time

An unexpected opportunity to play with some friends popped up for the girl yesterday, so Pete took her to a playground a town over. I poked around for a while, not really feeling pursuing my plans. Still, a chance to get out there in the sun was not something to let slip away, so I headed off to the farmer's market.

There were fewer vendors, since the winter has ended and the stores of potatoes, onions, carrots, turnips, shallots and garlic are mostly depleted. But I could still find fresh bread, fish, meat, eggs, goat's milk and there were some crafters there with their wares. I loaded up with a loaf of anadama bread, 2 lb of haddock, 2 packages of frozen sausage, and some small yellow potatoes (which are really so so pretty- I should take a picture). And since I was alone, I had a better opportunity to talk to people, poke around. All in all, not a bad way to spend an hour or the walk through the greenhouse just to get to the market area was just full of heady fragrance and green...tulips and primroses, pansies and daffodils. I swear this fall I will plant bulbs for early spring bloom no matter what I do.

From there I hit the yarn store for a brief visit. I've been annoyed at my wristwarmers, largely because of the aforementioned problem (my fault) of running out of yarn. Fortunately for me, Margot did have more of the same dye lot. [Sometimes my luck is better than my procrastinating heart can hope for!] I also found a beautiful blue soft...and despite the fact that I have FOUR separate knitting projects sitting on my couch, I bought two hanks of it. We have friends who recently had a baby boy...and I do love making wee sweaters. Almost instant gratification.

I took pictures, walking down Central:

After dropping off the market stuff, eating lunch, and taking care of some stuff around here, Lou and I headed off again to (get this) get my car washed. It just felt like a good day to do that. A trip to Tuttle's did not yield what I needed to make dinner (why can't I find either Negro Modelo or ancho chiles in the Dover area?) we headed home.

I played with the camera...

...and then made dinner. I did the Beer-Braised Turkey Tacos from Food & Wine's March issue. It was a lot of work, probably more than the grilled salmon tacos in the same issue...and not quite as tasty. It could also be that I botched the sauce by trying to reduce it after I pureed the tomatoes/onions/jalapenos/garlic instead of reducing and THEN dumping it into the blap-o-matic.

Kitchen wear

(Mexican sugar skull apron by Cupcake Provocateur. Love the lovely husband.)

Today I've been good for not much. Made some waffles, am avoiding the grocery list and the rest of the cleaning. Lou and I might go to Petco or do some crafty stuff after lunch. I think it's a sleepy day, despite the sun...Pete seems to have caught a I think another quiet Sunday might be what we need. Haddock, potatoes and peas for dinner- not exciting, but yummy local, comforting food. Ahh.

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