Sunday, March 14, 2010

Rainy Sunday

I had the idea that I might get some stuff accomplished today...errands, cleaning, laundry....but have abandoned that plan in favor of laying low. What was a little cough yesterday has evolved into a full-blown cold today, and the last thing the kidlet needs is to be dragged to the shoe store, the yarn shop, the grocery store and wherever else. She's tired, and a bit weepy, so couch time and movies are in order. Coraline is on soon, and she really wants to see it...and to be honest I am not feeling 100% today either. I've decided to resign myself to the fact that my house will look like a tornado blew through it for the rest of the week, because I am not cleaning it up!

Some randomness from the past week or so:

Before hair
And after.

I'm still getting used to it...but I really like it. Next time I will convince her to make them more so (more bang-y; she really didn't want to give me the bangs in the first place).

This hat
which has aggravated me off and on since November, is finally done. The bad news is that it's too big for my head and too small for Pete's. It's really beautiful, which is a great thing- I worked hard on all those one stitch cables, made it too big, blocked it, and then got frustrated and shelved it. The intended recipient got a different Christmas gift. Lasy week, I finally took it in for help ripping back, then redid all the finish work yesterday. Even after steam blocking it, I'm not happy for some reason. [Probably because I can't wear it.]

I'm working on a simple pair of arm/wristwarmers- I liked the last pair I made so much I decided I need a pair too! Of course, despite using the same yarn, same pattern, same needles...I am going to run out of yarn. Damn. Always pick up the extra ball...I know this! And yet. Thus the trip to the yarn shop...which now is not happening. I can work on Charlotte's sweater, or Pete's, or swatch for mine, so it's not like I don't have stuff to work on. I just really wanted those done before I moved on to the next thing.

This little person
really likes making potholders. She does not like finishing them (weaving the loose loops together), so I get to do that part. It hurts the hands! She's a smart kid to make me do it.

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