Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring, please

I had intended to write this entry before now, so much of it has flown from my cluttered head. I had been thinking about this winter- my attempts to resist the impulse to hibernate, the weird weather- and realized that while I am usually beginning my spring thaw by now, I'm not quite there yet. I think I need to shake things up...these things don't happen on their own, now do they?

The weekend ahead is supposed to be sunny, but a bit cold (30s and 40s). I am thinking that this is the perfect opportunity for working inside the house. Our collective and individual piles of stuff are out of control. Some organization is in order, some stashing of stuff not immediately needed in storage, some general cleaning. Trust me when I say that there is LOTS that needs to be cleaned. This Monday through Friday pace does not lend itself well to maintaining a clean house!

Being able to look around and see a clean and (mostly, let's be honest; it's still me) organized house will be so much more peaceful for me than glancing over and looking at this pile or that thing-that-is-dirty. So that's one thing.

And the winter farmer's market is this weekend too. I think it's the one close to home, and we haven't been in a while. The market always gets me inspired about food and cooking and growing...and it is time that we start thinking about the garden....

To get me over this early spring hump, where the ground still sleeps and the air still holds a chill, I'm going to take pictures of things I find beautiful, things that inspire me. I've been too bogged down. There's an entire world out there that I don't always see, whispering "open your eyes" as I speed along. I'm listening, I promise I am.

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