Tuesday, March 30, 2010

oh, hello, Tuesday

Yesterday was not the most productive day. I started off strong but lost a lot of motivation midday....I blame the rain. Mostly though, I just really wished I was home curled up on the couch, reading. Guess not all days can be that day.

I had promised the girl a trip to the library, so we spent an hour or so last night poking around, watching the gerbils, reading, collecting stuff to check out. AND she was very excited and proud to check her books and DVDs out on her very own library card. *sniff sniff* Such a big kid. That reminds me; I had probably better make a note somewhere of when her things are due....seeing as they won't pull up on my login....otherwise this will just double the size of the fines I end up paying several times a year.

I had started and finished my book on Sunday, so I went after more books on the history of medicine/surgery. It's gory stuff, no lie, but I find the evolution of what human beings are capable of learning and how we apply those principles and the whole process of changing the scope of medicine fascinating. We'll see whether the other books I brought home hold up as well. I found a memoir which seems interesting and another book on the history of medicine on the American frontier; the book I just finished was written as a companion piece to a BBC series that I watched on PBS (Blood & Guts; I recommend but not for the faint of heart!).

I only wish I could read and knit at the same time. I had planned to work on Charlotte's sweater last night...I am finally at the point where I can add a second ball of yarn and begin knitting the Wallaby pocket in the front, which will take a bit of concentration. After putting her to bed though, I opted out of the knitting in favor of flipping through the copy of Beard on Bread that I found at the library. I was inspired by seeing Beth's copy a couple of weeks ago and am seeking out my own; this borrowed one will tide me over for a bit. I would like to bake some bread, soon...like today...

Of all the things today will bring, however, bread baking is not one of them. Today there will be reports and meetings, training and emails. I will hopefully be home by 7 or 7:30 and maybe will throw in some laundry. LOST will be on, then I will sleep. It's Tuesday, probably the most fleeting of my days and the one most likely to invite the insomnia. So the goals: get stuff done, spend time with the family, SLEEP.

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