Saturday, July 03, 2010


This morning, the signs were too great to ignore. The cats woke me up at 6:30, and I didn't feel a powerful need to get more sleep. Pete was already up- we had coffee in the quiet and watched a little What Would Brian Boitano Make? (it's not for the recipes, but for the kitsch). Once the girl woke up, I started some laundry and puttered around. There was no reason not to...she was happy, Pete was occupied doing something, I was awake and not particularly hungry or lazy...yeah. Let's get moving.

I did the almost-1.5 mile route from the house to the end of the road and back. I ran for part of the way, which is unusual. And as I ran, I tried to recapture that feeling- the one of being a kid, of running just for the joy of it, that feeling of leaping from the ground and coming down again only to leave the earth again. I tried. I don't quite have it yet.

Overall, it was kind of eh. I got bored with the heavy bag quickly...but there's always tomorrow.

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