Thursday, July 01, 2010

What's beyond tired?

Sitting here this morning, mumbling to myself about overdue library books, and the fact that I owe the library some money...again...I see the kitten staring at me. "What? Don't judge me. You don't even have any library books."

Then I hear Pete chuckling from the other room.

It's been a brutal couple of weeks, with the type of running around and stress (in both the personal and professional life) that you can't sustain for very long. I think the crash was yesterday, because I slept well last night and today I suddenly don't care about any of it.

Remember the 1980s-era GI Joe action figures? They were small and jointed, two separate pieces of plastic held together inside with a rubber band. But if you pulled the pieces hard enough in opposing directions, for a long enough period of time....SNAP.

I've decided to try an experiment. In an attempt to write more regularly (something I need to do), I have declared a Blog Posting Month. We will see if I can do it....

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