Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The mark of a good vacation.... that tonight, talking to my brother, I realized that I had no idea what day today was. I had some vague idea that it might be Wednesday...and possibly still July...nice.

We had such an awesome beach day today that I am considering going again tomorrow, and then again on Friday. Living the dream, man. We fled the approaching thunderstorms a bit too early (it's just starting to hit us here in Dover now), but the beauty is that in less than an hour- closer to 1/2 hour, really- we can be at one of three or four great beaches. We really are blessed with great places to visit during an at-home vacation within a stone's throw.

Tomorrow I'll try to post a bit earlier in the day, when my brain is still working. I have pictures, and interesting things I found to share...tomorrow.

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