Wednesday, July 07, 2010

This week.... creeps along. Term start and all its inherent drama drained me more than I had thought; after putting the girl to bed I found I was too distracted to do much other than poke around the interwebs and read. I expect I should have written this post before the zoning out. Not many words left at this point.

Although! I asked Pete what he and Lou had done tonight (I didn't get in till around 8)...and he said they had watched Food Network Challenge: Extreme Cakes. She loves that stuff- the insane decorating, the giant scale, the competition. Now while I wouldn't call us Foodies (we have neither the disposable income nor the free time to explore tons and tons of restaurants), we do enjoy reading about food....watching TV shows about about food...let's call us Food People. Or something.

It's just funny that the girl has the bug too. Nature or nurture? Or just a way to get into the A/C?

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