Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Greedy yarn hands (bigger than time available)

We've entered the time of year where I get crazy ideas in my head. I start poring over my magazines and books, surfing Ravelry and collecting patterns and thoughts of making and giving. This is a wonderful thing; I love seeing my peeps decked out in handknits made by me. I do tend to lose sight of the fact that I can't knit at work, and that I need to accomplish other things besides knitting between now and Christmas. I always bite off more than I can chew (which I hear is a somewhat common phenomenon with knitters just before the holidays) and am left scrambling for gifts or staying up all night, squinting by the Christmas lights.

Well not this year.

I am almost done with my current project (a late birthday gift, ahem), which frees me up to begin the holiday goodness on or around November 11th. AND I have the unexpected windfall of 49 balls of yarn that a fellow jeep club wife scarfed up and delivered to me via Mr. Loud. All that yarn! It ranges from fine gauge raw silk to 100% wool DK in blue and dark green and rose and gray.... And then there's my stash, most of which was acquired with a specific idea in mind, but that's the beauty. It's unformed clay. It could become anything. I love all that potential.

So, some ideas. (I leave the recipients' names out, for obvious reasons.)

Turn A Square. I've made 3 of these; I could make more! The color possibilities are endless.

Calorimetry. I made mine with The Fibre Company's Road to China and it's so soft and warm...I can think of at least one person who might like one.

Hats for kids. I love the Fish Hat! There are great hats in Handknit Holidays as well, including the Candy Cane Hat (again with the color possibilities) and the Elf Cap.

I also love these gift bags...and the felted trivets...and these slippers!

And then there are cowls and scarves and and and!

Well. I've now succeeded in deflating any motivation I might have had to go to work....

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