Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Trying to find serenity today has been like wrestling a greased pig. Oh, I can try to grab it, but it runs off in a wake of "squee! squee!" and I stare after it, slack-jawed and dumbfounded.

I heard this on the radio and was instantly brought back into the head of a person I used to be,
all jangling guitars and nerves and quickened pulse. It's strange and amazing: music as time machine, as transport...the rush of those feelings of love and longing and fumbling with identity, the sudden flood of how it was to be that girl, to walk in those boots.

Certain music has a hardwired, visceral response for me, pulls me from my fog and forces me to open my eyes. In this season of growing gray and dark, I have to invite music and light and life in.

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