Wednesday, November 03, 2010


School Halloween parade with ninja tiger, 10.29.10
I waited and waited for her class to come out...and I saw Ella as Hannah Montana
and Danielle as Rapunzel
Finally, Ms. Moyer came out inside a cardboard Lego brick
and I saw the ninja tiger with her friends the mermaid and Robin.

She liked this costume (which was plan B, honestly, and was implemented when I couldn't sort out the triceratops horns) well enough that she was pretty happy about wearing it for trick-or-treating too. And this freed me from handsewing backplates and messing with hot glue, and enabled me to bake two batches of cupcakes with buttercream on Saturday morning.

We came across some teenage clown boys in drag. Here they are.
Here is the arch Charlotte refused to walk under.

Triumphantly displaying their massive haul!

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