Sunday, November 07, 2010

It's all about the food

We had dinner last night at 106 Kitchen & Bar, which was really good luck since a. we didn't have a reservation and b. it is Portsmouth Restaurant Week. We both ordered from the special Restaurant Week prix fixee menu and it was amazing.

Pete had a Dogfish Head IPA- the 60 Minute, I think. I had a lemon ginger martini. Mmm.
[Of course I took pictures of it. See how devoted I am to the month of blogging?]
Pete had a crab and fried green tomato napoleon for his starter, I got the baby green/roasted beet salad with blood orange vinaigrette.
Second course....pork osso buco for Pete, seafood gumbo for me. The food was good enough that we forced each other to try our dinners; I would also like to point out that I love my husband enough that I gave him one of the oysters.
There were two choices for dessert, and we both went for the white chocolate/blueberry bread pudding with ice cream and whipped cream. So good. Afterward I really thought Pete was going to have to roll me out of there like Violet Beauregard.
Great dinner, followed by a good walk through Market Square, window shopping and browsing through RiverRun Books....ahhh. Happy early birthday to us.

Now. The season of baking is upon us, or will be shortly. I need to plot the holiday baking this year, since I don't have the luxury of days upon days off before I'm gathering recipes and foisting baked test items upon unsuspecting family and friends. Today is Chewy Ginger Chocolate Cookies. Oh my.

Baking is infinitely more fun than work. Time off to make messes makes me happy.

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