Tuesday, November 23, 2010

No complaints, redux

In the wake of the past week, and my frustration at trying unsuccessfully to balance home and work (home WON), I lost my grip on the string of No Complaints, and watched it go sailing into the sky. I've had a few days where I recognized where I was going and resisted, but then broke the chain with one grouchy afternoon here, a bad day at work there...

Attempt #3, then. It seems like auspicious timing, during this week of Thanksgiving and the week after averting possible disaster, to remember how lucky I am and to truly to focus my energy on the positive and not on fruitless complaints.

I am continuing to learn how to face situations that need to change without venting, but also without passively absorbing whatever comes my way. I guess what I'm saying is that there are ways to voice dissent or dissatisfaction without whining, complaining or creating negative energy. I am trying to practice different and better responses, ones that put more positive out into the world....without losing who I am. Which, to be honest? is sometimes snarky, often sarcastic, and not interested in keeping silent simply to keep the peace, when sometimes there are things that need to be said.

So tomorrow, which is November 24th, is Day 1. Again. Right now? Not much to complain about. Jammies, wine, cooking shows on DVR, new magazine...and tomorrow I get to bake for my family and work on some holiday knitting (and even finish a couple of gifts!) and just do one thing at a time. I am a lucky girl.


Krissy said...

You know what? I think that this is a noble goal, but that life is too short to put that much pressure on yourself.

Maybe it's just that I enjoy being snarky too much, but honestly I can't imagine trying to not complain. Complaining is a part of the human condition! Onward and upward! Bigger and better things!

I mean, as long as you are DOING something about what you're complaining about as well as the complaining, I don't see the harm. Sometimes stuff is annoying or it sucks. Sing it out!

But that's me. I'm unapologetically ranty. My grandmother was like me and she once tried to be sweetness and light. After about six months of it her students and coworkers were so creeped out she had to give it up and return to her well-placed snarky behavior.

I embrace my inner crab. If yours proves too hard to utterly surpress you can sit on the WTFUHOSERS bench with me. :-)

Beth said...

Hmmmmmm...as long as your snarky is not distructive, mean for the sake of being mean, or overwhelming..I say snark away. Especially to me. I love snarkiness. BUT if you are truly feeling like the complaining is counter productive and gettin' you down?!?! I got your back sister and will only be sunlight and roses around you to support your efforts. I can totally support looking on the sunny side of life.
Love ya!

Lori said...

To be honest, I think the crux of my problem is my job. The "No Complaints" has been largely successful OUTside of work...meaning that letting go of the little stupid things I would complain and complain about has been good. I think.

But when I am on the job, I find myself either surrounded by the negative (those people who really don't do anything to improve anything but will bitch all day long) or in situations where there IS no fixing, no improving. I just sort of felt myself spiraling into a pretty black place in September and October...but I think I've gained some perspective lately.

And I, too, so love the snark. I do. And if I were to stop altogether, I just wouldn't be me. Wouldn't be right. :)

Thanks for the support, ladies! Please know that I will continue to be as ranty (love that word) as needed, and will mock foolish things and people and likely blog about it... :)