Thursday, November 04, 2010

No complaints, Day 3

An interesting thing about making a conscious effort not to complain is that I've realized how many opportunities there can be to complain. Or, how much complaining I am capable of doing at times. It's been a humbling realization, and a quieting one. When there is a choice between complaining or venting, and saying nothing, a person can fall silent.

When you're silent, you listen more. You listen better.

I've seen that there are days when I am surrounded by complaining at work. I think when you participate in the drone of griping, you don't notice how much of it there is, how loud the buzz and heavy the weight of it.

I've learned that working on not complaining also leads to not nagging, and reduces the fever pitch of our mornings. There's more harmony, and a kind of serenity, in the hours before the bus pulls up to the end of our driveway.

I've been reminded that I really don't have much to complain about at home. After spending a day at work, though, I am exhausted from a long day of mining for positivity.

Today was a day where it was difficult not to get dragged back into it, where I ran across certain issues at work that needed to be addressed. I had to discuss problems without complaint, but with an eye toward solution. Not easy, but possible....what's going on that isn't working? why isn't it working? what can be done, and who should we enlist to help?

These are all still just baby steps, but I have been grateful, reminding myself that really, my problems are small and few and fixable.

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